Art In The Open is a public art experience, leveraging local businesses to activate the neighborhood via performance art, with the aim to bring art to everyone where they are, engaging and inspiring Portlanders to build community.

Art In the Open is a two day arts festival that activates Old Town Chinatown by hosting a myriad of outdoor performances and interactive art installations that engage the local residents and draws people in from all over the city. Performing artists will be scheduled August 18th & 19th at different locations throughout the district. Commuters passing through the district will see and hear performances at each Max stop, drawing them off the train and into the streets. Once there, maps will guide them to other performances and installations stationed in front of businesses. Whether it’s a quartet playing Mozart, a poet reading her work, or a muralist putting the paintbrushes into the hands of the crowd, audiences will experience a wide variety of performances and actively engage in art.

The festival streets will act as main stages, with larger performance groups being scheduled periodically, and at least one ongoing interactive installation. The Old Town Chinatown Community Association will choose the artists for the transit and festival streets, guided by their community partners. Businesses will sponsor artists of their choice, guided by the OTCTCA.

Art builds community. Art reaches across racial stereotypes, religious barriers, and socio-economical levels and prejudices. Seeing the creative expression of others allows people to feel less isolated, and participating together in art creates connection.

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