Get to Know Your Neighbors!

Sophy Li at Golden Horse Restaurant

Tell us about yourself and your business. What makes it unique?
I am Sophy and have worked here for 17 years.  My husband and I just recently became the owners of Golden Horse.  Golden Horse has been in this location for 18 years and is very well known to both tourists and locals. We have had many tourists as return customers and have made friends with many local customers. In fact, some of  the local customers have become such good friends that they would even help out when we are too busy instead of being upset that we are unable to serve them in a timely manner. I am excited to continue to serve the Portland community and provide the delicious Chinese dishes for both the local customers and tourists alike.

Lunch specials are favorites for many. Seafood dishes are of course specialties enjoyed by all the customers. Then there are the traditional dishes that are only served distinctly at our restaurant that many Chinese/Chinese American families love.

What do you like about being in Chinatown?
I have developed a fondness for Chinatown after having worked here for such a long time – it was my first job and hopefully it will be my last as well.  The clientele here are very special – they are friendly and easy to please.  I see many of them 3 to 4 times a month.

What else do you like to do in the neighborhood, besides work?
I love being so close to the Lan Su Chinese Garden and many customers rave about it, which is something we share. They also love to talk to us about Chinatown.  It’s so nice to see the familiar faces and have great conversations with them when they come.

How does your business contribute to the neighborhood?
We are like an anchor Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.  Customers tell us that they are so excited that we are still here and tell us that they hope we will stay here for a long time.  We are glad that so many people love our food and we hope to be here to serve them for many more years to come.