Coffee and Kicks Owner, Portland's Old Town

Coffee and Kicks owner Ian Williams

What do you get when you blend hip-hop, sneakers, and coffee together?

Deadstock Coffee Shop and Sneaker Gallery, that’s what.

When asked why he wanted to open up a coffee shop that oozes with hip-hop and sneakers, owner Ian Williams had one simple answer: “I wanted a chill place to hang out with my sneaker buddies. But we realized we wanted to make some revenue. So, why not coffee?”

Deadstock Coffee began its journey next to Compound in Old Town. Then, last February it made the move [only half a block away] into its own space to grow. The small shop instantly draws you in as a solid hip-hop playlist mixes with the smell of phresh coffee in the air. With a rotating wall of sneaker boxes, jerseys, artwork, skateboards, a display of extraordinary kicks, and a warm smile from the owner, it’s hard not to grin and bob your head to the tunes while Ian cranks out a drink for you. Offering a handful of stools on either side of the entrance to get cozy, Deadstock is the perfect low-key place to work, chat, or simply sip some espresso and people watch.

Coffee and Kicks shop in Portland's Old Town

How will you get your kicks? Stop by Coffee and Kicks.

Ian gets his coffee locally, from Dapper & Wise Roasters located in Hillsboro, and bags the beans himself. Continuing with the “coffee and kicks” theme, the beans are put into bags detailed in colors that correspond to certain editions of Air Force Ones and Air Jordan sneakers, along with a small tidbit on the back about the shoes and company. And, with an array of Blazer and Jordan knickknacks, basketball and hip-hop puns don’t fall short in the shop as they accent the menu.

While interviewing Ian, more than few regulars stopped in to say hello and purchase their daily beverage. One customer told us she’s been getting coffee from Ian since he was located by Compound. And since it’s really the only coffee shop close by, she was more than happy to have Deadstock in the neighborhood. Ian has only been in the area for about a year, and he’s already well known by the community. With a humble attitude and a friendly sense of humor, Ian welcomes all to enjoy his coffee and check out his kicks.

Not only does Deadstock offer a fresh spot to have coffee, they also offer sneaker detailing. So, if your kicks are in need of cleaning, and you’re in need of caffeine, this is your spot!