The Old Town Chinatown Community Association has raised $60,000 in the past two years from generous area donors to match city funding. We’ve invested in our neighborhood based on promises the City made to match our funds. We recently learned that the last year of this match has not been included in next year’s budget. We’ve asked City Council to continue our funding and now we need your help.

These funds pay for our new District Manager, and in just two months she has worked with residents, businesses, and the OTCTCA board to positively activate the streets of Old Town Chinatown to make them vibrant and safe. Her job description includes:

  • Acting as a liaison to the community partners (social services, PDC, PBA, Travel Portland, and more)
  • Outreach to residents and businesses to create a stronger sense of community
  • Creating signature events that will better utilize the public investments in the Old Town/Chinatown Festival Streets and other recent public space improvements such as 3rd avenue and Ankeny Alley
  • Promoting and coordinating the district’s retail and cultural attractions that bring visitors from near and far into Old Town Chinatown
  • Applying for grants to bring improvements to the neighborhood

In her first six weeks our District Manager has already proven to be an invaluable support:

  • Met with 50 district businesses to discuss critical issues including community safety, business resilience and our growing economy
  • Coordinated resources with key partners including PBA, Travel Portland, NWNW, SOLVE and our public safety partners
  • Secured $3,500 in grant funding to leverage $30,000 matching funds from the Action Plan
  • Supported community association volunteers in planning annual Community Clean-up

Please help us fight for our District Manager funding by contacting City Council. For more information, including when and how to make your voice heard, check out our page here.