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Old Town/Chinatown

Old town, new faces.

Source: Willamette Week (Rachael Renee' Levasseur)

Source: Willamette Week (Rachael Renee’ Levasseur)

[source: Willamette Week] Old Town/Chinatown has come a long way. It remains part of the city’s original urban core and home to Portland’s skid row, a history still visible in the area’s large transient population and calcified seediness. But during the day, you’ll see a fresh side of this old neighborhood. A new influx of young, fashion-minded businesspeople have joined the neighborhood’s artist base, positioning Old Town as the new center of Portland’s streetwear culture. At night, the booming nightlife district remains as much a go-to for tourists fresh off 45 minutes of gutter-punk harassment in the Voodoo Doughnut line as it does for roving Beavertonian bro packs trying to get laid at Dixie Tavern. Although it maintains its rough veneer, Old Town feels like one of the youngest neighborhoods in Portland.


Eat: Deadstock Coffee, 408 NW Couch St.
Drink: Ground Kontrol, 511 NW Couch St.
Shop: IndexPDX, 114 NW 3rd Ave.
Go: Compound Gallery, 107 NW 5th Ave.

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